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Over the hill to the little red schoolhouse I excitedly came,

Searching for truth and wisdom; and not for any hope of fame...

     Excerpt poem titled The Forgotten Schoolhouse

          by Cynthia Cozette Lee

DR. CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE,  an award-winning Black American composer, is also an author and poet, who began writing inspiring poems and books of fiction as well as non-fiction essays in 2000. Her first moving book of poetry titled The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Poems and Stories on Faith Love Nature and Wonder is available on Amazon books and other online book dealers. Click on Author's Page to go to Convenant Books. 

  • Lee, C.C. (2020). The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Poems and Stories on Faith, Love, Nature and Wonder. Covenant Books.

  • Cozette, Cynthia (2020). Visit to Poe's House-poem. SFPA-Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association Halloween Poetry Reading Online 2020. 

  • Lee. C.C. (2014). Native American Music and Living Legends. Teachers Institute of Philadelphia.

  • Lee, C. (2010). D.O.O.R.S. of Change: Capacity Building to Differentiated Instruction. Dissertation Published by ProQuest.

  • Lee, C. (November, 2000). Build a bias-free classroom. NJEA Review, 14-16.

  • Cynthia Cozette Lee Collection of Roland Leich Letters Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 

  • Curtis Institute of Music Library Archives Cynthia Cozette Lee letters to Roland Leich (part 3), 1976-2010

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