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So much goes on in the world of a composer. From concerts, to hosting events, and musical updates, you want to be the first to know what goes on in my life. Here you will find all of the news and press updates surrounding me and my work. Check out the press coverage I am receiving below.

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Composer Interview featured on Chamber Music America Members News Page

December 28, 2020

Chamber Music America Members News page on 12-28-20 features Cynthia Cozette Lee Interview 5 Questions with a Musician  or go to:

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Sister Songwriters and Poets Receive Poetry Recognition in SFPA Publications

October 28, 2020

(PHILADELPHIA, PA-OCTOBER 27, 2020):  CYNTHIA COZETTE (a.k.a. CYNTHIA COZETTE LEE) is a multi-talented Black American contemporary classical composer and poet who also received a distinguished honor from SFPA in having her moving, original poem titled “Visit to Poe’s House” included in the 2020 Halloween Poetry Reading Publication online. To read more news about these talented writers

HAZEL ANN LEE, a talented Black American poet, author and librettist, Cynthia's older sister, was recently recognized as a poet when her environmental sci-fi poem “Last Seen Sunset” was chosen to be included in the 2020 Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA) Star*Line Magazine Black Poet’s Edition 43.4 issue. go to:

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London Radio Podcast Premiere of Lee’s “Adea” Opera Aria

April 29, 2021

Composer/Flautist Cynthia Cozette Lee’s moving aria “How Will I Tell The Children” from her opera “Adea” received a London, England premiere on the radio podcast “DAFFODIL PERSPECTIVE.” Radio producer and host of “DAFFODIL PERSPECTIVE”, Elizabeth de Brito, plays and discusses Dr. Lee’s inspiring work about 52 minutes into the broadcast. This program dated April 23, 2021 aired on April 29, 2021 and features instrumental and vocal music by international women composers. The opera singers performing this dramatic aria are sopranos - Hazelita Fauntroy in the role of Adea and Evette Rose as the neighbor Mrs. Jones. The two policemen are Richard Smith - tenor and George Braxton - bass. The singers are accompanied on the piano by the composer, Cynthia Cozette Lee. The URL link to the radio broadcast is:

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May 14, 2021

Thank you to the performers and Peabody Conservatory Johns Hopkins University faculty who supported a brilliant performance of Cynthia Cozette Lee’s “Trio On Sadness” “Adea” Opera excerpt in its Outdoor Baltimore Premiere Performance on Friday, May 14, 2021 in their Opera Worshop. The performance was outstanding!! Thank you Eileen Cornett, Garnett Bruce and Dr. Carl DuPont for your support. Thank you to the brilliant performers – Sierra Leslie in the role of Peaches (Soprano), Cassidy Dixon in the role of Adea  (Soprano), Darius R. Sanders in the role of Scoopy (Tenor), and Stephanie Baird – piano accompanist for an excellent outdoor performance. BRAVISSIMO!!! Visit Cynthia Cozette Lee Facebook Page to view performance at the following URL link:

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Composer Receives  International Recognition Now Listed On London Radio Podcast Website Database

October 6,, 2021

 Talented contemporary, lyrical, neoclassical composer, Cynthia Cozette Lee is now listed in the Living Composer Database for the London, England based radio podcast, Daffodil Perspective.

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April 15, 2022

OperaCréole celebrated Black Women Classical Musicians and Black Women Civil Rights Leaders in a Women’s History Month concert tribute on March 6, 2022, 3:00 pm at the Laurenia in New Orleans. Cynthia Cozette Lee, composer and librettist of the duet aria “Morning" from her lyrical opera “Adea” was one of several distinguished Black women composers of opera whose music was performed. Cozette is very grateful for this honor. To see more please go 13 minutes and 30 seconds into YouTube video to hear the wonderful OperaCréole performance of the "Morning" duet aria:

What Do Critics Say About Cozette's Music?

Cozette’s opera “Partway To Freedom” inspired by the American Civil War experience of her great-grandfather was revered as “haunting melodies and energetic music” by one critic.” “Cozette’s opera “Partway to Freedom shines brightly for the future of Opera, good music in general, as an essential part of Black History, honoring our ancestors and just simply, adding angelic peaceful harmonies to the universe.” The Civil War opera excerpts premiered in Philadelphia in February 22, 2013.Please visit the following URL: to read a review on Cozette’s moving opera “Partway To Freedom” with music composed by talented Cynthia Cozette and libretto by Hazel Ann Lee and Cynthia Cozette Lee.