Selected Musical Works

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Nigerian Treasures for Solo Unaccompanied Flute 
African Bird Fly Home Unaccompanied Flute 
Rivers: An African Tribute Unaccompanied Flute
Reflections of The East for Flute and Piano 
Fantaisie on An Air Forgotten for Flute and Piano
Pittsburgh Memoirs Flute Trio
Sweets for 4 Flutes Quartet
Lamentations of A Ghetto Child Woodwind Quartet & Piano
French Chanteuse...and more


The Doctor's Song Cycle 4 Songs for Soprano or Mezzo or Tenor Voice   

     and Piano (in Song 4 - Flute Obbligato)

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Spiritual Mezzo Soprano, Contralto, Tenor or Bass/Baritone

O Lord Thank You Jacob's Prayer for Tenor

Colors for Women's Chorus and Percussion Ensemble

Make A Joyful Noise for SA, SAT or SATB

Bless The Lord Our God Hymn 

Let Courage Be The Light (A Soldier's Prayer) Hymn

Songs I Wrote For Broadway.... and more


The Black Guitar
Partway To Freedom
Let Courage Be The Light


The Centaur for Violin and Piano
Threnody for The MOVE Victims for Violin and Piano
Paris String Quartet and more.


Serenade To A Runaway Slave Wind Octet
Transcriptions Bach Prelude I and Fugue XXII for Flute Quartet
Mozart Unfinished Fugue in G Minor Trio for Flute and more.


Ebony Reflections Chamber Orchestra
A.M.E.R.I.C.A. for full orchestra
Nepenthe Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
The Martyr for bass/baritone and orchestra.


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