Selected Musical Works

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Nigerian Treasures for Solo Unaccompanied Flute 
African Bird Fly Home Unaccompanied Flute 
Rivers: An African Tribute Unaccompanied Flute
Reflections of The East for Flute and Piano 
Fantaisie on An Air Forgotten for Flute and Piano
Pittsburgh Memoirs Flute Trio
Sweets for 4 Flutes Quartet
Lamentations of A Ghetto Child Woodwind Quartet & Piano
French Chanteuse...and more


The Doctor's Song Cycle 4 Songs for Soprano or Mezzo or Tenor Voice   

     and Piano (in Song 4 - Flute Obbligato)

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Spiritual Mezzo Soprano, Contralto, Tenor or Bass/Baritone

O Lord Thank You Jacob's Prayer for Tenor

Colors for Women's Chorus and Percussion Ensemble

Make A Joyful Noise for SA, SAT or SATB

Bless The Lord Our God Hymn 

Let Courage Be The Light (A Soldier's Prayer) Hymn

Songs I Wrote For Broadway.... and more


Adea (Morning Duet-Soprano & Mezzo; How Will I Tell The Chidren-Soprano; Trio On Sadness-SST or SSS)
The Black Guitar (To Carlotta - Bass; Night Dream Lullaby-Soprano & Bass)
Partway To Freedom (O Lord Thank You-Tenor; The Martry-Bass-Baritone; Spoon Duet- Soprano & Mezzo))
Let Courage Be The Light


The Centaur for Violin and Piano
Threnody for The MOVE Victims for Violin and Piano
Paris String Quartet and more.


Serenade To A Runaway Slave Wind Octet
Transcriptions Bach Prelude I and Fugue XXII for Flute Quartet
Mozart Unfinished Fugue in G Minor Trio for Flute and more.


Ebony Reflections Chamber Orchestra
A.M.E.R.I.C.A. for full orchestra
Nepenthe Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
The Martyr for bass/baritone and orchestra.